Jason DeGraw

This is Jason DeGraw, our sound designer. His favourite animation is ‘Wall-E’. He loves the thrill of riding in nice, cool cars. Too bad he doesn’t have his drivers license, yet.








Stijn Gertzen

This is Stijn Gertzen, our Foley artist. His favourite animation is ‘Spongebob Squarepants’. He really likes craft beer, and he loves making a mess. Too bad he really dislikes cleaning it up.







Maartje Lourens

This is Maartje Lourens, our sound designer and composer. Her favourite animation is ‘The Lion King’. She likes skiing down snowy slopes. Too bad the Netherlands are as flat as a pancake.








Rogier Harkema

This is Rogier Harkema, our composer and voice actor. His favourite animation is ‘Spirited Away’. He really likes the raw and intense feeling of a storm. Too bad wet socks aren’t his jam.







Max Oostveen

This is Max Oostveen, our sound designer. His favourite animation is ‘Rick & Morty’. He enjoys the refreshing taste of homefrozen popsicles, but waiting for them to freeze leaves his heart cold.








This is our final team member: Bruce, our mascot. This knight in shiny armour carries our brush proudly!