Our Sound

Akira – Reel


  • Director – Katsuhiro Otomo
  • Foley – Stijn Gertzen
  • Voice Acting – Rogier Harkema
  • Mix – Maartje Lourens

This is a slice of the movie ‘Akira’ by Katsuhiro Otomo that we gave a complete makeover with our sound.

G-star – Reel


  • Director -Ruediger Kaltenhauser
  • Sound Design – Max Oostveen
  • Ambient Design – Maartje Lourens
  • Mix – Jason DeGraw

Originally, Skrillex made the music for this commercial by G-star RAW. We proudly present our remake; with the perfect mix of both synthetic sounds and organic Foley.


Licht – Reel


  • Director -Liza Mennes
  • Foley – Stijn Gertzen
  • Composition for Piano – Rogier Harkema
  • Recording Engineer – Max Oostveen
  • Mix – Jason DeGraw

Licht is a beautiful animation made by Liza Mennes. This alluring film begged for a piano track and soothing ambient sounds.